• 18 April 2020

Barbequed Beef & Coleraine

John Buck - Director

Coleraine and Barbequed Beef

Te Mata Estate Coleraine has the rich, mouth filling flavours that naturally partner beef and my recipe is particularly simple.

Take a piece of beef, such as a topside or bolar roast. This recipe works for a whole or piece of eye fillet, but I prefer a piece that is uniformly thick to a diameter of about 15cms.

Preheat a lidded barbeque to 320oC (600oF) which is about as hot as the good brands get. Brush the meat generously with olive oil in which a teaspoon of paprika has been combined. Depending on your taste, crushed garlic and/or freshly ground black pepper can be added to the oil. Place a rack in the barbeque and using tongs place the meat on it. Close the lid and cook for 15 minutes. Remove and let stand on a dish to collect juices for at least 15 minutes. This will give your rare-ish beef a seared and flavoured crust on the outside and a juicy pink red centre.

Cut thickish slices and serve with broad beans and potatoes and a selection of mustards.