• 19 April 2020

Alma Pinot Noir & Venison

Philip Brodie - Senior Winemaker

Venison Stack (single serving)

The fungal flavours of the mushroom with the sweet toasty woodsmoke notes of kumara mash and the fine textured qualities of the venison all combine and complement the subtle, elegant complexities of the Alma Pinot Noir.

Season one portobello mushroom with cracked pepper, garlic, chives, soya sauce, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Initially brown in a fry pan with butter or oil then put lid on to cook. Reserve the juice from this.

Mash kumara with butter, orange juice and Manuka honey.

Season venison fillet with olive oil, rock salt and cracked pepper and cook in fry pan.
When venison is cooked, place immediately on the kumera and mushroom base and drizzle mushroom juices from pan on top. Enjoy!