• 2016 ‘The Turnaround’

    We couldn’t be happier with the fruit quality in 2016. The turnaround produced whites that look fresh and vibrant – showing full, ripe flavours and excellent acid balance. Reds appear plump, fruity, and with good levels of ripe tannins. Again, the reds have that depth of colour we’ve seen develop in the last three years, and the 2016 cabernet and merlot look especially promising.

    Read the technical report from Senior Winemaker Peter Cowley here...

  • Coleraine House wins the NZIA ‘Enduring Architecture Award’ for 2015

    At the end of 2015 Coleraine house, the Buck family home, was awarded the ‘Enduring Architecture Award’ by the New Zealand Institute of Architects. John and Tobias Buck attended the event with Claire and  Zac Athfield. John’s speech acknowledged Wendy Buck and Claire Athfield – the two women who inspired himself and Ath, and who contrubuted so greatly to the their lives and family homes. The full NZIA award citation appears below:

    ‘Icon is an overused design word, but there really are few more iconic sights in New Zealand architecture than Coleraine (formerly Buck) House sitting bright white among rows of vines on the slopes of Te Mata Peak. The building is one of the best works of the late Sir Ian Athfield, and thirty-five years after its construction it retains all of its charms. It’s such a famous form that one tends to forget that it has an interior life; for two generations the house has served its owners as a much-loved family home. What does it reference? Colonial farm cottages, the plaster houses of the Mediterranean, its own Athfield antecedents. But whatever it suggests, the house declares its absolute comfort with its situation. Valued and cared for, it stands as a testament to a great architectural talent.’

  • Vintage 2015 – ‘Third Time’s A Charm!’

    The success of 2015 is down to the lower than normal crops which provided great concentration and maximized the effect of the dry and warm mid-summer. The good fortune of well-timed weather when we wanted it outweighed any concerns from a cool start to the spring or a few late-season autumn showers. The charm of 2015 is already evident in the wines and will prove the lasting testament of our third successive high-quality vintage.

    White grapes had lovely flavour in the vineyard and this has flowed through to the young wines. They are fresh and full of fruit.

    Red grapes benefitted from a long, mostly dry and warm growing season. Small crops produced wines with concentration and dark colours.  Tannins and flavours are ripe, and lively acids will keep the wines fresh in youth and maturity.

    A PDF of this report is available here.

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  • Coleraine Cabernet Merlot – ‘One of Australasia’s Five Best Boutique Wines’

    It Takes Five to Pick Five – The Vinomofo Team choose Australasia’s Five Best Boutique Wines

    ‘In an ideal world I’d be on constant live chat to my broker at Berry Bros & Rudd plotting what en premier Bordeaux I’ll be buying … but I’m not because anything with the word ‘growth’ in it these days is sadly beyond my reach.

    New World Bordeaux blends are however and Te Mata Estate’s Coleraine Cabernet Merlot will give you just as much pleasure as any super second … well in my book anyway!

    Some of the best drinking experiences over the past 5 years from my cellar have been from this wine … and to say it pairs well with slow cooked lamb is an understatement. It’s that kind of addictive experience you get as you literally want to keep topping your glass again and again.

    At $75 RRP Australian you can get 12 of these bad boys for the same price as 1 bottle of Cos Destournel … if Gordon Gecko was a wine and not a spirits drinker I think he’d agree with that kind of logic.’

    – Karel, Buyer at Vinomofo

    Published in Grapegrower & Winemaker Magazine, May 2014 – Issue 604

  • Vintage 2014 – ‘Very early, very good’

    Spring of 2013 was unusually dry and mild leading to budburst a good two weeks early.October was warm and dry with half the normal rainfall and November continued to be very warm with six days over 25 degrees and one at almost 30 degrees – summer temperatures! The early trend continued with Chardonnay flowering in full swing on the 13th compared with the usual first week of December. Flowering went well in all varieties. By late November soils were beginning to dry out although 70mm of rain on the 26th and 29th replaced soil moisture keeping the vines happy.

    Read the full report…  

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